Customers are always more likely to purchase a product if they know what the price is. So when you’re displaying your products in the store, you shouldn’t leave them guessing. At the same time, you want to use something that will grab their attention when they’re looking at product labels. Here are four easy and attractive ways to display the prices of your products in the store.

Display Prices By Product Style

If you have a large inventory of products arranged in several categories, then you might want to use this method. Sale tags can be placed in picture frames, hanging chalkboards, or wooden signs in each section so that your customers know the price of everything in that section. That saves a lot of time on having to label every single product. It’s also less of a hassle for customers when they take the products home and want to remove the price tags. Add a little brand personality to each sign, and you definitely have an eye-catching display that is easy for everyone in the store to read.

Using One Big Sign For All Items

If you’re only selling a small handful of products, then it would be easier for you to display the prices of your items on one large sign. It’s not only environmentally friendly, but there’s also less set-up on your part when it comes to pricing your items. What’s great is that the large size of the sign gives you more room to work with your brand and colors so that it’s even more eye-catching.

Pricing Out Each Product Individually

This kind of pricing display works best for those stores that carry a large supply of different products, such as grocery stores. Your customers are then free to browse around as much as they like and easily see what the prices are on each item. You can go with the conventional price tag or you could look into incorporating the price into the label design, giving your products are more unique look.

Thinking Outside the Box

Why go for simple labels when you could consider going with other materials? If you really want your price labels to stick out, then look at chalkboard stickers, shrink plastic, or even wood. The possibilities are endless, so why not give it a go and see what you can create? A brief glimpse on the Internet could spark some ideas in your imagination, but just be sure that these ideas are financially feasible; you don’t want to spend most of your budget on just the pricing of your products.

One of the keys to attracting customers is the use of unique packaging and display ideas that will keep their attention. Help your products stand out on their own by looking for unique ways to display their prices. If you need some help figuring this out, then consider speaking to a marketing professional or a labeling company so that you can find interesting ways to dress up the packages of your products.


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