3 Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit from A Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist can become the cornerstone for the success of many small businesses. In an era whereby customer service and relations have reached an all-time high, a virtual receptionist is able to bridge that gap between what is practical and what is necessary.

1. It Will Keep Things Professional

A key reason why many small businesses choose virtual receptionists has to do with improving their overall image on a corporate level. It is understandable, that a response that is delayed to customer calls will only contribute to making your business appear unprofessional, but might also mean that you are driving potential customers away. Take a look at AnswerFirst’s services to see how it can help you.

One of the recent studies conducted by Kolsky found that 55% of customers are prepared to pay a lot more to a business if they are guaranteed of better services. Other information that is more revealing is that Kolsky discovered that if one customer happens to be dissatisfied, around 13% of these people will tell at least 15 or more people, while 72% of these people relay favorable experiences to 6 often more people.

Customers are never forgiving when it comes to poor response times, just because they shouldn’t be. Many companies have invested significant time into ensuring that their own customer services are of superior quality, which means if this department in your company is not meeting the grade, you might expect to experience these negative repercussions.

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This is the reason why virtual receptionists offer the ideal solution for most SMEs, which guarantees that calls are going to be answered at all hours over the day.

2. It Acts as A Filter

We are all able to recall the frustrations associated with having to deal with a sales call. For the smaller companies, this can become particularly taxing as well as result in a lot more issues than you may expect.


Marchex Inc conducted a study in 2014 that found that answering sales calls or spam cost the businesses in the US around 20 million of wasted hours in a year, which is equal to around $475 million.

In patent terms, this costs both money and time, which is badly spent along with lowering the time needed for other important tasks. When you use a virtual receptionist this person performs the role of a type of filter, which means only calls that you should be dealing with will go through, which will help to save your staff and you many wasted hours.

3. It Will Mean You No Longer Need to Worry

If you are a small business owner, then this is usually the most important aspect to you. There are always many other things which will be occupying your time. This means you cannot afford to be worried about the way in which calls are handled. Professional virtual receptionists not only offer you with a 24-hour service but will also provide services that are tailored perfectly to your company.

If you go away for one day or away on a vacation, you are still offered with the reassurance that all your calls are professionally handled. Even better, these services are not linked with responsibilities involved in having to hire a full-time staff member, which means you can opt out or in when you require services.

So What Are You Waiting For

When it comes to hiring virtual receptionists, the advantages are pretty endless along with just about no risks involved. Let’s face it, customer service happens to be the center of any successful company. The best way to achieve this goal is to fulfil these requirements with a friendly and flexible service 24 hours every day.


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