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Transcription services can quickly help you convert any audio file to text. The applications of audio transcription software are endless. When you convert audio file to text, you can easily use it as a visual record as well.

However, not every person is familiar with the software which they can use to transcribe audio to text. Today, we will not only help you understand how you can utilize audio to text converter online but also why you should use such software. 

How to transcribe audio to text content?  

The procedure to transcribe audio to text is quite easy. Most of the software allows you to attach audio file and support multiple file formats. It is a good idea to go with the online software like Audext. The procedure is relatively simple. It is as follows: 

  • You have to upload the audio file to the software.  
  • You have to click on the transcribe button.  
  • The text will appear in the online editor for editing.  
  • If everything is fine, you can download the text file. 

As you can see, the procedure to convert an audio file to text is relatively simple. There are a few other software which complicates the process, but when you use a simple one like Audtext, the process is effortless to accomplish.  

Transcription Services – how to choose?  

For best results, it is essential to choose the right transcription service. There are a few factors which you can consider while comparing different transcription services. These include:  

Accuracy:   It is always better to choose an accurate transcription service. Something like Audtext, which uses AI, is highly reliable as compared to the other options.  

Interface:   If you need to download software on your computer, it can take up precious resources. On the other hand, when using online software, you can upload the file, and the software will work on its own. It means that you don’t need to devote your resources. That is why, you should always consider the interface of the software before taking a call.  

Speed:   If it takes hours together to transcribe even a small audio file, it is simply not worth it. You have to choose fast software.  

Additional features:  Additional features like an editor to edit the text and the associate the text with a particular time in the audio file certainly will help you get the precise output. That is why; it is better to choose such software which has these additional features.

When you compare different transcription software based on these factors, it becomes easy to choose the right one. We will today share with you three practical ways with the help of which, you can convert audio file to text. 

1. Rev transcription service: is online transcription service. It provides you with small transcriptions within a couple of hours. The larger ones can take time. It is an online editor as well where you can edit the files before downloading it.

You can even leave feedback which will ensure that only the transcribers which get a high rating from you are used for your account again. It is an excellent software to go with if you do not mind a few additional letters or longer turnaround time. 


  • Online software          
  • Offers an online editor           
  • Feedback mechanism 

2. Scribie:  

Scribie is another online service which you can use to transcribe your audio files. The turnaround time for the smaller audio files is around 2 hours. The advantage of this service is that there are moderators in between to ensure minimum quality requirements.

However, the rates are on the higher side, which can be a deterrent when thinking about transcribing various files. If you’re looking for accurate output and do not mind higher rates, then you can go with this service. 


  • Moderator checking   
  • Turnaround time of 2 hours   
  • Reasonable accuracy 

3. Audext:  

Audext is one of the best options when you’re looking for transcribing an audio file. It combines the best features of both the above services. That is why audio to text converter Audext has become so popular in a short time.

It uses AI technology for transcription, which means that your data is entirely safe. Due to the use of AI technology, the output is much faster as well. It offers an online editor and is highly precise, which means that you can get quality output. 

Additionally, in the online editor, each piece of text is associated with the timeline of the audio. It means that you can easily refer to the audio file when required. The association feature makes it an excellent choice since you can get precise output.

It supports most of the audio files which ensure that you don’t need to worry about converting them from one format to another. It can also detect different speakers which make transcribing interviews and webinars quite easy for you.

It supports most of the audio files which ensure that you don’t need to worry about converting them from one format to another. It can also detect different speakers which make transcribing interviews and webinars quite easy for you.

As you can see, some of the features which it has on offer are unparalleled. That is why it is such a great choice.  Features:  

  • Uses AI technology    
  • Timeline association with the audio file         
  • Offers online editor    
  • Quick turnaround time           
  • Supports most of the audio files        
  • Detects multiple speakers 

If you’re looking for the most efficient ways to transcribe audio content online, these are the three services which you can use. If you’re looking for the best, you should look no further than Audext. Not only is it highly accurate but the additional features on offer make it the perfect option for transcribing your audio files into text. With the help of such transcribing tools, you can significantly reduce your work and speed up content generation. It is time to start using these tools today.


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