15 Ways to Make Your Company More Energy Efficient

1. Encourage employees to follow energy efficient practices – Most utility companies will have off and peak hours that you can take advantage of. Encouraging your employees to work on energy-intensive equipment and tasks during off-peak, and lighter tasks during peak hours should help save some energy in the process.

Having an affordable and reliable company can also help you save some extra bucks. It might be hard to find the right one, but you can find a lot of information to help you decide. For instance, if you look for Just Energy reviews, you will see their customers’ experiences with their service; this will certainly avoid having bill surprises by the end of the month.

2. Consider an energy audit – Have your company inspected for areas that might need trimming down to lower energy wastage and usage. Most energy companies will be willing to provide a free energy audit to help improve energy efficiency. Be sure to take advantage of this. Contact Josco Energy NJ and see how you can become more energy efficient.

3. Invest in LED and CLF bulbs – Normal Incandescent bulbs use up more energy than energy saving bulbs such as CFL and LED bulbs. For this reason, it would be advisable to replace existing bulbs with Energy Star rated ones. These should see lower energy usage (through lighting) for up to 75%. These also last significantly longer as well.

4. Configure laptops and computers to hibernate when not in use – This feature enables the computer to save existing work for you to continue where you left, without using any energy at all. That said, have all workstations hibernate an hour after office hours.

5. Any equipment not in use should be switched off – Air conditioners, scanners, printers, coffee vending machines, and lights should be turned off when everyone leaves the office, and during weekends and holidays. Some of these will continue to draw power when in sleep mode.

tricks to save expenses of office

6. Invest in energy efficient equipment – Although costly at first, energy efficient devices will save you lots of money in the long run.  Spending a little more on the equipment goes a long way to saving energy, hence recommended.

7. Ensure the business is well insulated – Small air leaks may seem insignificant but cost the company lots of money in energy costs. This is because the HVAC systems have to work harder to maintain the set temperature. Ensuring all leaking spots and drafts are sealed off properly can however eliminate such costs.

8. Set 1 degree lower for winter and 1 degree higher for summer – While this may not make sense to many, doing this will save you up to 10% in energy costs.

9. Take advantage of the natural light – Make it a habit of drawing curtains and drapes to let the natural light in. This should reduce the dependence on artificial lights.

10. Enable energy saving settings on devices – Modern equipment and devices today have built-in energy saving settings. Enabling these settings should save you a certain percentage in energy bills.

11. Replace old equipment with Energy Star-rated appliances – The old ‘beloved’ heater draws more energy than a similar modern one. Replacing outdated equipment with energy star rated ones should save you some money in the long run

12. Consider solar energy – Solar energy is free and renewable, hence a perfect alternative to the more expensive utility supply.  If your budget allows it, consider having solar panels installed to supplement power supply. While the initial costs might be on the higher side, you won’t have to pay huge energy bills once they are set up.

solar energy

13. Let technology work for you – Modern technology such as Webex, Skype, etc. come in handy in holding virtual meetings and giving presentations. These also help keep long distance phone charges low as well. Using these services will not only save you telecommunication charges but also means you never have to board a train or plane to attend client meetings.

14. Encourage brainstorming among employees – Open dialogue in the office provides a productive way to come up with ideas, as well as get work done. Asking employees what they feel should be done to help lower energy consumption will surprise you too. Never underestimate the power of dedicated employees out to make work easier, and especially when given a voice in the company.

15. Use energy efficiency tax breaks to your advantage – Local governments often provide tax incentives to businesses that strive to save energy. Making your company energy efficient by investing in energy-saving appliances and practices could help you lower overall costs as well.


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