Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t always require a hefty investment. With just $100, you can tap into a world of opportunities, especially if you’re driven by the joy of independence and the thrill of charting your own course. Here, we dive into diverse $100 business ideas that are not only feasible but also ripe for growth in 2024. Let’s explore these avenues, perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs ready to make a mark with minimal initial investment.

Local Services

The realm of local services offers a treasure trove of opportunities for those looking to start with minimal capital. In the United States, ventures such as lawn mowing or window cleaning can kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with basic equipment costing less than $75. In contrast, in Asian countries, chimney cleaning and pest control services demand little more than your expertise and basic tools. This segment promises not just flexibility in hours but also the satisfaction of catering to immediate community needs.

Service Aggregator

Imagine being the bridge between skilled professionals and the customers who need them. A service aggregator business model, akin to Uber or Ola but for home services like carpentry, electrical work, or plumbing, can be your gateway to entrepreneurship. Your primary investment? A robust network of service providers and a commitment to marketing and customer support. This model’s scalability makes it an attractive option for those looking to start with $100.


ECommerce platforms have democratized the retail industry, allowing entrepreneurs to sell products without the traditional storefront. With free or low-cost eCommerce software, your main focus will be on customer acquisition. For those starting with a tight budget, dropshipping becomes a lucrative model, eliminating the need for inventory and enabling you to sell products directly from suppliers to customers.


Launching a marketplace creates a digital space where other businesses can connect with their customers. Whether you aim to be a niche player or a one-stop shop like Amazon, the key to success lies in customer acquisition and support. With various open-source and affordable marketplace software available, starting this venture can be as cost-effective as it is rewarding.

Reseller Business

For those intrigued by the software industry but deterred by development costs, the reseller business model offers a solution. By partnering with third-party software developers, you can sell their products, often with the freedom to set your own prices. This business idea hinges on your marketing prowess and the ability to identify products with high demand.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing shares similarities with reselling but operates on a commission basis. Without the need for a significant upfront investment, you can earn by promoting products and earning a commission for each sale. Success in affiliate marketing is largely dependent on your ability to drive traffic and convert leads into sales.


The demand for quality content has never been higher, making writing a viable business for those with a knack for words. Specializing in a particular industry can elevate your value, allowing you to command higher rates for your expertise and insights.

Online Tutoring

The digital revolution has made knowledge sharing easier than ever. With a computer and internet connection, offering online tutoring services in subjects you’re passionate about can turn into a profitable venture with virtually no capital investment.

Equipment Repair

If you’re handy with tools and have a talent for fixing things, an equipment repair business could be right up your alley. Offering repair services for electronics or appliances can fill a market gap left by authorized service centers’ high prices, especially if you include home visits.

Pet Care

For animal lovers, pet care services offer a heartwarming and profitable business opportunity. From dog walking to pet sitting, the joy of working with animals is matched by the financial rewards of catering to pet owners who view their furry friends as family.

Conclusion Starting a business with just $100 might sound challenging, but it’s far from impossible. Whether you’re drawn to the service sector, e-commerce, content creation, or pet care, the key to success lies in leveraging your skills, understanding market demands, and delivering exceptional value to your clients. As 2024 unfolds, these driving-related business ideas present a promising landscape for entrepreneurs ready to embark on a journey with minimal investment but unlimited potential.


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