Make Money Online Ideas For Beginners Without Investment

how to make money online

Make Money Online While Playing With Profitable Ideas

Making money online is no rocket science now, as now you have got umpteen options to multiply your revenues online. Money making on internet has become the new cool, and as it is rightly said “it is not the product that brings profit, but instead it’s the idea which could make you a millionaire”. Online money making ideas could bring large amount of profits through which you could multiply your revenues to manifolds. But how exactly do we make money online? This is one big question that needs to be understood closely. Further, let’s study about the answer to the biggest question, that is, the top methods on how to make money online.

In this series of articles we will discuss about 100% working methods on how to make money online. I will share the top methods for the same without investment. Making money online without investment is possible and I will show you how to do it step by step.

You could earn money online by creating a website and generating traffic/visitors to your site or you could earn online without a website. This post is for how to make money online with a website.

  • Step 1 – Create Your Website

In order to earn online through internet, first you need to select a niche(niche is topic of your website) and create a website! You can create a website without having knowledge of coding and all that, creating a website is very simple and I should say that it is most simplest first step for making money online. You can create a free website without investment in just 10 mins and it is very simple.

Creating your website is first step in your online success and it is really simple to create a website. You only need a domain name or name of your website like and a hosting server where you will host your website so that people can access it from anywhere. I have created a stet by step tutorial on how to create a website on your own hosting – Read tutorial here

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Below are two most popular platform in which you can create your website for free.


Blogger is a free platform provided by Google to users who want to create a website for free, similarly WordPress is a popular platform in which you can create a website for free. I will recommend you to go with WordPress because it has lot more features than Blogger. I have created a separate post on how to create a website for free. You can read that post by clicking on link below.

Drawbacks Of A Free Website

  1. Your website will be on a subdomain like this – or which looks unprofessional.
  2. Second major drawback of free website is that they can remove your website if you do not follow their terms and conditions or guidelines. Since a free website is not your 100% owned property, so they can remove it if they find anything wrong. I have lost so many of my free websites on Blogger and WordPress without notice. And most of the time your competitor will flag your website and at the end you can lose it.

If you are serious about making money online then do not go for a free website. It is highly recommended that create your website in your own hosting server and it comes very cheap. You can run more than one website for as less as 50 dollar for six months (which is Rs 3000/- INR) for six months. You can renew it further as per your requirement.

Read my tutorial here on how to create a website on own hosting server

Again it is very easy to create your own website in your own hosting server and it takes only 10 mins. I have created a separate post for it and you can read it by clicking on link below.

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  • Step 2 – Bring Visitors To Your Website

Now after creating a website, second important step is to bring traffic/visitors to your website. You can bring visitors to your website through SEO and Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

SEO will be your key source of traffic and it is high paying in comparison to traffic from social media if your are running Google ads in your website.

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Remember on thing which is very important and it is “More visitors to your website = More money you could make”

Now from above points I can assume that you have created a website and bringing traffic to it.

  • Step 3 – Make Money From Your Website

So, you have your website up and running and now you have to place ads in your website. You can show ads in your website from various sources which is given below. Visitors to your website will click on ads and you will get paid for it.  Below are the top methods on how to make money online from your website.

  1. Google Adsense – Google Adsense is one of the most reliable and popular platform for making money online from your website. You have to apply for a Google adsense account and it can take up to 6 days for your account getting fully approved. They will manually verify your account. Once approved, you can create Google ad unit and place it in your website pages. You will be paid for every clicks on ads. You can earn huge revenues from Google Adsense and it depends on traffic i.e More traffic to your website = More money earned
  2. Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is another good option to make money online from your website. Affiliate marketing is to market for the other company’s products and services and depending on the sales that you would generate for the company, you will be paid accordingly. Affiliate marketing or advertisement is done through your website, page or blog where you promote the products and services of other companies. While you are working as an affiliate marketer for any company, you could charge as per the cost as per clicks or through the cost per acquisition.

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